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Nava Kiran Plus (NKP) was established by people living with HIV in 2003. NKP currently runs 9 Community Care Centers (CCC) that provide care and support to over 350 adults living with HIV (ALHIV) and Children Affected by AIDS (CABA) across the country. In addition NKP runs various programs specially focusing on children, youth and drug users.

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With a population of 24 million people, Nepal has one of the fastest growing AIDS epidemics in South Asia. National estimates indicate that approximately 70,000 adults and children are infected with HIV in Nepal, and 92% of all infections are in the 15-49 age group. 2007 estimates show that 42% of all HIV infections in Nepal are among seasonal labor migrants, 15% among clients of sex workers and 21% are wives or partners of HIV positive men. The overall prevalence in the adult population in Nepal is 0.49%. Since the first AIDS case was reported in 1988, the HIV epidemic in Nepal has evolved from a “low prevalence” to a “concentrated epidemic”. As of August 2010, a total of 15,945 cases of HIV had been reported to the National Centre for AIDS and STD control (NCASC). Sexual transmission and injecting drug use are major factors in the evolution of the HIV epidemic in the country. HIV prevalence among injecting drug users was 34.7% in Kathmandu in2007. A survey among labor migrants showed HIV prevalence of 1.9% in 2006. (UNAIDS)

In a country with high levels of poverty, illiteracy, political unrest, AIDS can easily trigger a Tsunami of similar magnitude witnessed in the past in several sub Saharan African countries and make it impossible to halt let alone reverse the tide against AIDS as committed in the 6th Millennium Development Goal by 2015.

Nava Kiran Plus (NKP) is a leading AIDS service organization in the country and since its inception has been committed to creating enabling environment for people living with HIV in Nepal. NKP currently works through its 20 districts offices in all 5 development region of Nepal. In just 7 years, NKP has contributed in making significant breakthrough in the area of HIV treatment and care and a visible difference vis-à-vis quality of lives of people living with HIV in Nepal.

NKP’s Aims high to ensure by 2015 that every person living with HIV in Nepal
1. has universal access to antiretroviral therapy

2. has access to easy and affordable treatment and care programs

3. has means to support themselves and those who depend upon them

4. are able to live in an open society without a fear of stigma and discrimination

- and also by 2015, 

1. STOP all new HIV infection from a mother to a child
2. Prevent new infections among most at risk population specially youth, migrants and drug users


To improve the quality of lives of people living with HIV (PLHIV), prevent new infections and reinstate their rights to live with dignity & without a fear of discrimination

That your right to the highest attainable standard of health for everyone is secured

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