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Income Generation And Livelihood

NKP Training Center: NKP provides skill development trainings and income generation support to  people living with AIDS across the country. Though NKP initially worked intensively on access to treatment for PLHAs in the beginning years of its establishment NKP has been focusing on developing an  Income Generation and livelihood program in the past few years as a successful treatment programs are smoothly run by the Ministry of Health of Nepal.



The HIV Post & Publications: NKP has been regularly publishing its monthly newsletter The HIV Post since 2004. Unlike usual newsletter the HIV Post has over 300 subscribers and several regular advertisers. Hence NKP has generated over Nrs. 1.5 million through the HIV Post subscription and advertisement in various publications. Subscribe HIV Post here 






Bio - Gas: A biogas plant run through human excreta coming out of the NKP center and bio mass from the nearby forest area in Shivapuri Hills is expected to generate 10 KGs of cooking gas on a daily basis making it enough to cover the cooking fuel consumption of the center. Hence a renewable energy for sustainability and environment is the new feature added in NKP center. With this clean energy NKP has an annual saving of NRs. 300,000 (US$5000) on coking fuel.



Vermicomposting: NKP has also started vermicomposting as means to utilize the organic waste produced within the center to generate regular source of income through sales of the compost in the local market. The excretion of the biogas plant will also be packaged and sold in the form of potting soil under this initiative.  Buy 1kg NKP compost here @ Rs. 250




Skill Development Trainings: NKP runs state of the art Training Facility in Kathmandu and Chitwan. We run skill building trainings on farming and off-farm skills with an aim to enable one to start their own income generation projects or small businesses. These trainings include vegetable farming, organic farming, goat raising, wiring, plumbing, bricklaying, welding and house painting. These training are regularly held and are provided with a small training cost to those who can afford or get sponsored by different agencies. I want to know more...

We also provide treatment literacy and adherence training, community home based care training and counseling training. When is the next training ?  

We also host training packages for upto 30 participants including food and boarding. I want to book a training... 



NKP is also planning several other projects to be implemented gradually in the coming years with an aim to make the organization self relient by 2015.

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