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Harm Reduction

Harm reduction is a pragmatic evidence-based approach, which aims to reduce harms from drug use without necessarily changing or stopping drug use. Harm reduction interventions include the dissemination of information on how to reduce risks associated with drug use, the provision of sterile needle and syringes to limit sharing of contaminated equipment, the distribution of condoms and making available HIV voluntary testing and counseling, treatment of opportunistic infections and antiretroviral (ART) treatment for AIDS when needed. Harm reduction also includes a range of drug dependence treatment options, such as opioid substitution therapy, which allows a drug user to substitute a synthetic medically sanctioned opioid for street drugs and to move out of the illegal drug scene. Regardless of the critical link between injecting drug use and HIV transmission, like most governments in the our region Nepali government has formulated their responses to drug use based on the conceptualization of drug use as an illegal and criminal activity.

In NKP we are all drugs users and we are familiar with our issues. Since 2005, NKP is conducting Hard to Reach program (HTR) with the support from SIDACTION and covers three districts in Kathmandu Valley. 

We provide:

a. Clean injection equipments (syringes, cooking pots, filters, swab)

b. Referral for Care and Support (clinical support, legal support)

c. Information, Education and Communication (Treatment literacy on HIV, Hepatitis, TB)  

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