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Advocacy & Treatment Literacy forms a major pillar in NKP’s response to the epidemic since birth. NKP was established during the very critical period where HIV had lots of negative connotations. It was associated to the so called illegal and immoral activities and projected as problems only in the African countries, and among sex workers and drugs users. Societies in general had not accepted it as our own social problems as a result denialism was rampant. Watch Video Here – Hope to the Hopeless

NKP’s rights based advocacy is influenced largely by the AIDS activism seen in the early eighties and nineties in the US and other developed countries. Our advocacy was a true ‘struggle for existence’ in the early day of ARVs in the developing countries. Our focused effort towards access to treatment since 2003 has resulted in over 4000 people in ARV treatment at present and nearly 3000 more people ready to enroll.

Treatment literacy and community preparedness are subcomponents of broader treatment education. NKP has been providing treatment education to People living with HIV and their care givers since 2004. With the technical and financial support from WHO under the 3 by 5 initiative NKP began the treatment education and over the past years has developed a wide range of materials that are available for downloads. These materials are developed in Nepali and also local dialects. Latest and updated information are available in the internet and NKP has also build partnership with IBASE a UK based organization specialized in treatment literacy and education.

By Definition: “Treatment education encourages people to know their HIV status, explains how to get access to treatment, offers information on drug regimens, offers support and ideas for adhering to treatment and helping others to do so , emphasizes the importance of maintaining protective behaviors and healthy living , and suggests strategies for overcoming stigma and discrimination and gender inequality "(UNESCO/WHO, 2005).

NKP has close ties with organizations advocating and campaigning to ensure universal access to ART, such as the Treatment Action Campaign, International Treatment Preparedness Coalition (IPTC), and UNAIDS. The impact of misinformation and myths can be devastating if the drugs are distributed to a population without any education. And without education people are less likely to participate in community mobilization activities essential for a successful advocacy strategy. Hence rights based Advocacy and treatment literacy forms a mjor pillar in NKP’s response in Nepal.

Go to Treatment Literacy Library for: Posters, Brochure amd Factsheets, Booklets and Manuals

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