Nava Kiran Plus

Comprehensive Package of Care and Support for PLHA in Nepal, SIDACTION

SIDACTION has been supporting NKP since 2003 to provide care and support to PLHAs in Nepal. The comprehensive package of care is provided jointly by DFID and SIDACTION support to NKP. 

Comprehensive Package of Care and Support is one of the significant strategies to support community based programs. This comprehensive package is quite akin to ‘one stop shop’ model. After having screened by the Community and home based care workers along with out reach officers PLHAs are reffered to the care centers.

Care Homes

Nava Kiran Plus (NKP) is concurrently running 9 care homes for people living with HIV across the country irrespective of caste, creed, age and sex under the comprehensive package for PLHA in Nepal. These centers are focused upon adults and their infected siblings who are at ART or are preparing for ART. Through these centers NKP is providing intensive care to over 350 adults and their minors living with AIDS across the country.

Likewise in Kathmandu NKP is running an emergency rescue and rehabilitation center for children established with the assistance of Embassy of Denmark in 2007. This center has rescued and reintegrated 254 CABA from across the country – mostly orphans who are also HIV positive who have not only lost their parents due to HIV infection but are also in urgent need for HIV and TB treatments. NKP is is working hard to reintegrate these CABA into their own community/society by tracing out their families and relatives as much as possible. 

Building Linkages

NKP has been highly focused upon building strong linkages between the local and central level programs, with an attempt to integrate the PLHA programs to the ongoing poverty alleviation programs. NKP has always hoped to foster sound relations with International organizations to extend market and secure reasonable and fair value for its products. NKP has conducted five different income generative vocational trainings at district levels which have led entrepreneurs to convene at one spot paving way to develop new business relations cum linkages. At the same time, by the end of the training program, all participants were brought to exposure with successful and established entrepreneurs.


Advocating for a broader policy and legal reform has always been an integral strategy of NKP programs. As demonstrated in the past, NKP is always at its best attempt to substantially capitalize on its advocacy strengths via working with media and other stakeholders.

NKP, being the leading community based organization of PLHA in Nepal, has always taken important stand to combat against prevailing stigma and discrimination towards HIV/AIDS and PLHA community in Nepal. From the center to grass root community level, it is equally confuting prevalent stigma pertinent to HIV/AIDS in Nepal. In this regard, NKP has been fostering launching of regular advocacy and community sensitization workshop at district level to help reintegrate and create enabling environment for PLHA and CABA of the very district. Time and again, NKP has been organizing advocacy and community sensitization programs on quarterly basis. NKP conducts quarterly stakeholders meeting at each project district where all the local level NGOs and local political bodies like VDC, DDC, and DAAC take into active participation.

NKP has developed its advocacy task force who organizes regular press meeting and advocacy campaign to secure fundamental human rights vis-à-vis treatment, care and support and right to life to PLHA and CABA in Nepal. Currently NKP is advocating and lobbying with policy makers to pass AIDS bill which addresses and incorporates adequate fundamental rights of PLHA and CABA in Nepal in compliance with national AIDS movement as a whole.

Majority of the HIV infected and affected population comprise of migrant families albeit it’s the remittances of the same migrants that contribute to the major portion of the gross national income. Many single women and CABA of those HIV victims are living very miserable lives but the central government and policy makers are deaf and blind towards their trauma. NKP is relentlessly lobbying and advocating ensuring social security of single women and children affected by AIDS by coming annual national bill. NKP is closely working with National Association of PLHA in Nepal (NAP+N) and its NAPN AIDS struggle 2010. They have been waging strong advocacy campaign to secure at least Nrs three thousand per month to Children affected by AIDS (CABA), and single infected women in Nepal (Sauraha Declaration 2010).

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