Nava Kiran Plus

Comprehensive package for CABA, UNICEF/Denmark


Project Description

With the technical support of UNICEF, NKP has developed a module for community based care for CABA in Nepal. Similar kind of module has been  implemented at Achaam district with an assistance of UNICEF, which has provided a community based care for CABA and their families in the most cost effective and sustainable approach. It has well responded to this problem since 2007-08. Currently there are 300 CABA in Achaam district supported by NKP under this program. In the ‘community based comprehensive package of care’, NKP has subsumed medical, educational and nutritional food provisions to those CABA at the community level. In accordance with the experiences gained from this project, Nava Kiran Plus was willing to expand its support coverage to CABA in seven highly affected districts of Far and mid western regions of Nepal. Furthermore, to provide ‘comprehensive package of care’ for the children, NKP has endeavored to support the families (focused on single mother) or the relatives who are looking after these children via endorsing skill development trainings and income generation programs. Via this project, NKP has aimed to support 1400 – 1750 children in seven districts (Dadeldura, Baitadi, Bajhang, Doti, Bajura, Surkhet and Dailekha) of the Far and mid western regions.

By the end of April 2010, NKP has provided livelihood trainings to 940 PLHAs and seed grants to 165 of them to initiate sustainable income generation programs and build linkage with the market even after the completion of the project. Advocacy has been an integral part of this project at the community as well central level and NKP would also ensure that these projects are mainstreamed in the National AIDS programs in future besides being funded through larger funding mechanisms such as the Global Fund for AIDS/TB and Malaria. Working in tandem with the Ministry of Women Children and Social Welfare and the Ministry of Education, NKP will aim at integrating CABA issues into their main programs in future making problems of CABA “crosscutting” issue into almost all development programs.

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